After thousands of votes tallied and presented September 4th 2020 - Here are your 2020 WINNERS and Runners Up
Check the categories below to view the results of this unprecedented event!

Cannabis Community / Services

LV Model

WINNER - Medicated Marley
2nd Place - Vegasbaybeh
3rd Place - Athena Valentine

Artist / Painter

WINNER - Trubalish Art
2nd Place - King_Up_Artz
3rd Place - Cannabis Artist Lv


WINNER - Abe Visual
2nd Place - Canna Katie Photos
3rd Place - Silent H Pro


WINNER - Rachel Loria
2nd Place - Jamie Todorovitch
3rd Place - Icutitup


WINNER - Angela Mazzanti
2nd Place - Kendal Haze
3rd Place - Joylovette Ortiz


WINNER - Princess Pineapple
2nd Place - Rahyndee James
3rd Place - Ron Jeremy

Host / MC

WINNER - Loud Packs Jay
2nd Place - Stoner Rob
3rd Place - Modest Jones

Female Entrepreneur

WINNER - Monique Ridgeway (Press & Sesh)
2nd Place - The Blaz'n Chef (Sweedies Novelty Candies)
3rd Place - Rocky Hernandez (Planet 13)

Male Entrepreneur

WINNER - Shauniee Stylez (Pharma Rx)
2nd Place - Damien Smith
3rd Place - Michael Lopez

Event Planner

WINNER - J C Coats (Culture & Cannabis)
2nd Place - Monique Ridgeway (Press & Sesh)
3rd Place - Krazy Kelly (The Black List)


WINNER - Michael Lopez (Bell Solar & Electrical Systems )
2nd Place - Alfredo Durazo (Electro Bros)
3rd Place - Estevan Delossantos (Nevada Made Electricians)


WINNER - Chef Dabbz
2nd Place - Elyza Elio ( The Blazed Chef)
3rd Place - Dough Boyz Kitchen

Make-up Artist

WINNER - Annie Japani
2nd Place - Danielle Lees
3rd Place - Karla Gee

Social Media Influencer

WINNER - Jackey 420
2nd Place - Koala.Puffss
3rd Place - Medicated Marley

Tattoo Artist

WINNER - Tyler Cooper
2nd Place - Storm Stimson
3rd Place - Fox


2nd Place - Jerry Krecicki
3rd Place - Tina Ulman
3rd Place - Madisen Saglibene

Brand Ambassador

WINNER - Athena Valentine
2nd Place - Antonio Twan Gonzalez
3rd Place - G

Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary Products

Indica Flower

WINNER - Birthday Face By The Grower Circle
2nd Place -Monster Cookies By Polaris MMJ
3rd Place - Purple Punch By State Flower

Sativa Flower

WINNER - Miss X By Green Life Productions
2nd Place - Diamond Dust By Virtue
3rd Place - Ghost Train Haze By Natures Chemistry

Hybrid Flower

WINNER - Head Cheese By Polaris
2nd Place - Sherbert By Natures Chemistry
3rd Place - Rainbow Cookies By Redwood Cultivation

Indica Vape

WINNER - Sky Walker By Rove
2nd Place - Bubba Kush By Moxie
3rd Place - Burkle By Fuze

Sativa Vape

WINNER - Punch By Rove
2nd Place - Super Silver Haze By Moxie
3rd Place - Key Lime Cookies By Fuze Extracts

Hybrid Vape

WINNER - Dream By Rove
2nd Place - Blueberry Cookies By Moxie
3rd Place - OG Dreams By Fuze Extracts

Disposable THC Dominant Vape Pen

WINNER -Waui By Rove
2nd Place - Grandaddy Purple By Stiiizy
3rd Place - Jack Herer By Bloom


WINNER - Sour Grapefruit By Cannabiotix
2nd Place - GG4 By Medizin
3rd Place - Alien OG By Deep Roots Harvest

Crumble / Honeycomb

WINNER - Snozzberry Haze Crumble By Fuze Extracts
2nd Place - Blue Alien Crumble By AMA
3rd Place - Hoover Dam Haze By Binske

Live Resin / Diamonds

WINNER - GG OG By Denver Dab Co
2nd Place - Cush By Mpx
3rd Place - Orange Cookies By Tsunami


WINNER - Burkle By Fuze Extracts
2nd Place - Blueberry Cookies By White Lvbel
3rd Place - King Kong OG By Remedy


WINNER - Skywalker OG THCa Powder By Fuze Extracts


WINNER - Birthday Face By The Grower Circle & Goldylox
2nd Place - Lemon Cheesecake By Moxie
3rd Place - Ghost Train Haze By Reina

Buddar Batter

WINNER - Donkey Butter Budder By Fuze Extracts
2nd Place - Fruit Stomper By Tsunami
3rd Place - Bubba Skywalker By White Lvbel


WINNER - Mac Kief By Green Life Productions
2nd Place - Hybrid Kief By Nature’s Chemistry

Rick Simpson Oil

WINNER - RSO By Cannavative
2nd Place - RSO By Remedy
3rd Place - RSO By AMA

Pre Roll

WINNER - Connoisseur 3 Pack By The Grower Circle
2nd Place - Vegas Cannabis Magazine By Green Life Productions
3rd Place - Durban Poison By Reina


WINNER - Jack Herer By City Trees
2nd Place - Calm Syringe By Hope

Infused Pre Roll

WINNER - Alien OG By Packwoods
2nd Place - Bruce Wayne OG By Cannavative
3rd Place - Henny N Honey By The Real Kurupt Moonrocks

Custom Cannagar

WINNER - Las Vegas Cannagars
2nd Place - Savage Cannagarz
3rd Place - Diamond Dust By Liera

Las Vegas Cultivation

Seed In Las Vegas

WINNER - Sin City Seeds
2nd Place - Crop King Seeds
3rd Place - Cali Kush Farms

Extraction Company

WINNER - Moxie
2nd Place - Fuze
3rd Place - Binske

Testing Lab

WINNER - Digipath Labs
2nd Place - Canalysis Lab
3rd Place - DB Labs

Fastest Growing Cultivator

WINNER - Green Life Production
2nd Place - Polaris Mmj
3rd Place - Fleur

Nutrients in Las Vegas

WINNER - Key Grow
2nd Place - Fox Farm Soil & Fertilizer
3rd Place - Advanced Nutrients


WINNER - The Grower Circle
2nd Place - Polaris MMJ
3rd Place - Green Life Productions

Las Vegas Dispensary Cannabis Community


WINNER - Jardin
2nd Place - Planet 13
3rd Place - The Dispensary


WINNER - Adyana Escobar (Jardin)
2nd Place - Zach Brengman ( Planet 13)
3rd Place - Rachel Loria (Show Grow)

Delivery Service

WINNER - Jardin
2nd Place - Oasis
3rd Place - Las Vegas Releaf

Purchasing Manager

WINNER - Charles Schaffner (Jardin)
2nd Place - Julieanne (Julz) D. Evangelista (Reef)
3rd Place - Brandon Garcia (Planet 13)

Marketing Director

WINNER - Monica Barrera (The Dispensary)
2nd Place - Nicole Silverman (Acres/ Curaleaf)
3rd Place - David Farris (Planet 13)

Dispensary Management In Las Vegas

WINNER - Tisha Rorie (NuWu)
2nd Place - James Phillips (Planet 13)
3rd Place - Linda Chan (Curaleaf)


WINNER - Zek Pugh (Show Grow Dispensary)
2nd Place - Barry Hicks (Curaleaf Dispensary)
3rd Place - Wyatt Robertson (Acres Dispensary)

Cannabis Education / School / Classes / College & University / Speakers

Educator / Speaker

WINNER - Jason Sturtsman
2nd Place - Tina
3rd Place - Abi Wright

Class Offered

WINNER - Budtender Fight Club
2nd Place - Sensi Night
3rd Place - Las Vegas NormL

Cannabis Technology / Software

Cannabis App

WINNER - Weedmaps
2nd Place - Leafly

Smoke Shop & Cannabis Accessories

Smoke Shop in LV

WINNER - Gorilla Radio
2nd Place - Still Smoking Vapors & Smoke Shop
3rd Place - Diversity


WINNER - SantaCruz Shredder
2nd Place - Wakit
3rd Place - OTTO

Smoking Device

WINNER - Hunibadger
2nd Place - Davinci
3rd Place - Puff Co

Rolling Papers

WINNER - Genius Rolling Papers
2nd Place - RAW Papers
3rd Place - Beautiful Burns

Cone Papers

2nd Place - Beautiful Burns
3rd Place - King palms


2nd Place - Savage Cannagars
3rd Place - King Palms Tips

Rolling Tray

2nd Place - Cookies
3rd Place - Shine

Clothing & Apparel

WINNER - Manboy Mafia
2nd Place - Official Genius
3rd Place (TIE) - Kush Life
3rd Place (TIE) - Cookies

Cannabis Movies / Music / Comedy / Events / Entertainment

Queen Of Comedy

WINNER - Whoopi Golberg
2nd Place - Calley C
3rd Place - Rachel Wolfson

King Of Comedy

WINNER -Stoner Rob
2nd Place - Dave Chappelle
3rd Place - Tommy Chong

LV Musician

WINNER - Zekey Freaky
2nd Place - Tiny Tune
3rd Place -Medicated Marley

Stoner Movie

WINNER - Half Baked
2nd Place - Friday
3rd Place - Dazed And Confused

Smoking Song

WINNER - Snoop
2nd Place - Cypress Hill
3rd Place - Afroman

Radio Station

WINNER - 97.5
2nd Place - NBC Radio


WINNER - Snoop Dogg
2nd Place - Nipsey Hustle
3rd Place - Wiz Khalifa

LV Cannabis Event / Awards

WINNER - Culture & cannabis
2nd Place - Tattoos & Smoke
3rd Place - High Times

Trade Show

WINNER - MJbizcon
2nd Place - Cbd. Io

Event / Awards

WINNER - Kush Stock
2nd Place - High Times
3rd Place - Jack Herer Cup

News / Magazines

Magazine / Publication

WINNER - The Cannabis Cactus Magazine
2nd Place - Vegas Cannabis
3rd Place - High Times


WINNER - The Hippy Chronicles
2nd Place - Kendra After Dark
3rd Place - Culture And Cannabis

Cannabis Real Estate


WINNER - Jennifer Mendoza
2nd Place - Andrea Gonzalez
2nd Place - Samson Hunt
3rd Place - Bryan

Las Vegas Edibles & Drinks

Best Vegan Edible

WINNER - Huckleberry By Wyld
2nd Place - Sweet And Sour Gummies By Cannabella
3rd Place - Watermelon Pucks By Highly Edible

Sugar Free Edible

WINNER - Dark Chocolate Bar By Evergreen Organix
2nd Place - Sugar Free Dark Chocolate By Omg
3rd Place - Cinnamon Barrels By Cannabis Cowboy

Edible Brand

WINNER - Kalvara
2nd Place - Wyld
3rd Place - Pharmaxtracts

Chocolate Bar

WINNER - Mint Chocolate Bar By Evergreen Organix
2nd Place - Straight Up Milk Chocolate By Dixie Brands
3rd Place - Kiva Bar Mint Irish Cream

Drink Mix

WINNER - Cannalean
2nd Place - The Happiest Hour Good Energy

Hard Candy

WINNER - Sweet Stones By Verano
2nd Place -Wild Cherry Hard Chews By Mindys Kitchen
3rd Place - Lemon Lime Lozenges By Tryke

Rice Crispy

2nd Place - Evergreen Organix
3rd Place - Qaulcan

Cannabis Beverage Brand

WINNER - Kalvara
2nd Place - Cannapunch
3rd Place - Two Roots Brewing Co

Gummie Candy

WINNER - Highly Edible By Canna Punch
2nd Place - Raspberry Gummies By WYLD
3rd Place -Gummies By Evergreen Organix

Cannabis Cocktail

WINNER - Kalvara
2nd Place - Blood Orange By The Happiest Hour


WINNER - Aquablis
2nd Place - Canna Nano
3rd Place - Dwiink

Drink Mix

WINNER - Cannalean
2nd - The Highest Energy
3rd - Legal Lean


Glass Brand Worldwide

2nd Place - Jerome Baker
3rd Place - Zong

Las Vegas Glass Artist

WINNER - Daniel Diaz (Boro Vitrics)
2nd Place - Robert Raymond (Drakken Glass)
3rd Place - Eric (E Bomb Glass)
3rd Place - Scott Tribble (Scozglass)

Glass Artist

WINNER - Prof X Glass
2nd Place - Lekseno
3rd Place - Bose Oner

CBD Awards

CBD Capsules (Soft & Liquid Gels)

WINNER - 750 MG CBD Capsules By Pharma Xtracts
2nd Place - Capsules by Marys Medicinals
3rd Place - CBD Capsules by Canna Hemp

CBD Tincture / Drops

WINNER - 7500 MG By Pharma Xtracts
2nd Place - 750MG Tincture By Cosset
3rd Place - 1000 mg By Reina

CBD Flower

WINNER - Fire Angel By Fleur
2nd Place - Pineapple Tonic By State Flower
3rd Place - Abeddon By Tryke

CBD Edible

WINNER - Sweedies Novelty Candies
2nd Place - Hi 5 Popcorn By Strictly Hempin
3rd Place - Chronic Candy

Pet Product

WINNER - Pet Tincture By Pharma Xtracts
2nd Place - CBD Tincture By Cosset
3rd Place - CBD Salmon Flavor By Select

CBD Dominate Vape

WINNER - Remedies 10:1 By Rove
2nd Place - Buddha's Smile By Airo Pro
3rd Place - Sleep 1:2 By Canna Fused

Disposable CBD Dominate Vape

WINNER - 10.1 Remedies By Rove
2nd Place - Focus Peppermint By Select CBD
2nd Place - 10:1 Arouse By Dosist
3rd Place - Relief 600Mg Cbd By Canna Hemp

Topicals / Beauty / Skin Care / Hair

Body Cream

WINNER - Relief Cream By Canna Hemp
2nd Place - Essentials Body Cream By Baskin
3rd Place - Face Cream By Zynn World

Beauty Brand

WINNER - Pualani
2nd Place - Canna Babe Lashes
3rd Place - Mary's Nutritionals

Topical Brand

WINNER - Baskin
2nd Place - Nordic Goddess
3rd Place - Marys Medicinals

Skin Care Brand

WINNER - Baskin Essentials
2nd Place - Canna Hemp
3rd Place - Pualani Products

Body Lotion

WINNER - Harlot Haze by Canna Hemp
2nd Place - Malibu Mary By Hotmess Kushmetics
3rd Place - Skintopics By Pharma Xtracts


WINNER - CBD For Life Shampoo
2nd Place - Wellness Premium Products


WINNER - CBD For Life Conditioner
2nd Place - Wellness Premium Products


WINNER - Cosset
2nd Place - Pualani Products
3rd Place - Evergreen Organix

Bath Bomb

WINNER - Lavender Bliss by Baskin
2nd Place - Bath Bomb by Hotmess Kushmetics
3rd Place - Melon Cucumber CBD by Mint Wellness


WINNER - Manna Cannabis Transdermal
2nd Place - Marys Transdermal
3rd Place - Trokie

Body / Lip Balms

WINNER - Baskin
2nd Place - Pharma Balm
3rd Place - Nordic

Cannabis Non-Profits / Charity / Community


WINNER - Baked Ol Ladies
2nd Place - The Giving Water
3rd Place - Nevada NormL / Las Vegas NormL